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Our Story

Ann Au, owner of 2AU Limited, offers her clients the ultimate personal experience in creating gorgeous jewelry featuring unique precious and semi-precious gemstones.

“I believe clients enjoy talking to the artists who are making their jewelry,” says Au.


Valley Junction has been home to 2AU since 1993, but Au has been in the jewelry business for 42 years. “We welcome you into the studio to work with you one-on-one to create unique pieces to fit your body and your personality.”


From exquisite pearls, diamonds, and precious gemstones to one-of-a-kind semi-precious gems, Ann Au has a passion for selecting the finest quality stones with which to design.

Ann and her staff begin by drawing their ideas on paper. Once a design is selected, a wax model is created.  The client can view the progress and the personalization continues until the work is finished. “What sets us apart,” Au says, “is that the majority of the jewelry for sale in the store is designed and created here in the studio.”

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